Want to plan your next trip, but don't know where to go? France has plenty of destinations for travelers like pristine beaches, castles, museums and waterfalls. Here are some of the best places that France has to offer.

Cirque de Gavarnie in the Pyrenees Mountains

For many travelers, the Cirque de Gavarnie in the Pyrenees Mountains is quintessential France. The place is forever sending you up mountains, admiring the river and hiking trails. If you want to enjoy the simple beauty of nature, this is an unmissable spot. It offers a relaxed atmosphere in peaceful surroundings. You will also be surrounded by the most breathtaking natural wonders of the Parc National des Pyrénées.

Beautiful waterfalls visitors shouldn’t underestimate

France is a big country that has an enormous variety of waterfalls. Great waterfalls are everywhere you look. Explore Gavarnie Falls, which is one of the most well-known waterfalls you ever find in France. It is the highest waterfall in France, where you can enjoy breathtaking views. Don’t miss a visit to the Hérisson Waterfalls. Some of the waterfalls you can discover are the Grand Saut Waterfall and L'Eventail Waterfal. These waterfalls have always been a favorite destination of families. They can relax and also sit along the river there. Moreover, these places are generally perfect for outdoor moments.

Plan a visit to the Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is France’s best city. It is in fact known as a World Heritage site in France. There is a lot to see at this place. In truth, this lush green valley west of Paris is all about castles. You will spot some spectacular castles, field and vineyards perhaps you have never experienced. Admire its beautiful landscapes, which provide magnificent scenery. For instance, you can uncover the Castle of Chenonceau and the Royal Castle of Amboise. You can sightsee the Castle of Azay-le-Rideau as well.

Why not head to Saint-Tropez?

Saint-Tropez is situated on the French Riviera. It is an anytime destination. There are lots to see and do at this beautiful coastline. You can spend your day at one of its famous beaches. Looking for a large sandy shore? The Plage de Bouillabaisse is the ideal place. Even though you are travelling with your little ones, this beach is a must. This place in St-Tropez can also be reached by a luxury rental car. Go to the Plage de la Moutte if you just want a quiet beach to relax on. On the other hand, if you need something different, you can visit the Butterfly Museum that displays 35,000 items. You can find a wide range of butterflies there. Last but not the least, you can admire luxury yachts at the Vieux Port harbor, in Saint-Tropez.   All things considered, France is one of those countries all over the world where the longer you spend in one place; the more there seems to be to discover.