At one hour from Paris, the Loire is a french region that offers you amazing distractions of pleasure in a wilderness setting. There, you will discover an incredible fauna and flora, in one of the most beautiful territories of France. Connect you to all those elements to enjoy you trip and remember it !


But there is one thing that you absolutely have to see when coming to Loire : the magnificent castles. One of them is the Cheverny castle, probably the most famous one in this region. All built in the beauty of 17th century architecture, Cheverny is one of the best. Indeed, it is a magical place, full of history, mystery and beauty.  Moreover, the castle has been in the family for over six centuries ! It was one of the first castles to open its doors to visitors in 1992. You’ll be able to visit apartments of the first floor and discover the ‘French art de vivre’.


Discover the castles where lived many french royalty families


If you want to discover an amazing place created during the beginning of the 17th century, Cheverny castle will offer you an experience full of culture. Indeed, you will enjoy sublime gardens, an amazing park and also visit the mythical kennels of Cheverny. You will live memorable moments in a marvellous landscape. But the castle is not only a place where you enjoy the view and dream about going back to the time where princes and princesses used to live here. No, actually, the castle also hosts an exhibition dedicated to the famous comic book, the Adventures of Tintin, in partnership with the Hergé foundation. Remember a beautiful castle in some stories of the hero, such as the Secrets of Marlinspike Hall ? Go and visit the Cheverny castle, you will probably notice the replica of the Marlinspike Hall castle, except the two towers on the two sides. The book explains why they’re gone.


Even if the Cheverny castle is very famous and kind of unavoidable in the Loire valley castles, there is so many others to discover…


So many castles to please you


In the Loire valley castles, you will have the choice to visit different eras through each castle. If you are passionate about the architecture of the Renaissance, some of those castles will probably amaze you.


If you are lucky enough to see the beautiful gardens of Villandry, you will notice that it is one of the last castles of the Renaissance. If you are more into walls and towers, you will be happy to discover the royal city-state of the Loches. It has one of the most imposing dungeon of Europe, and to be honest ? It’s something you must see. Speaking of impressive fortresses, the medieval castle of Sully-sur-Loire is a masterpiece. That’s one of the reasons why he was elevated to the rank of historical monument. You can also discover a UNESCO world heritage site at the national domain of Chambord, he has this recognition since 1981. This castle is really iconic of the french Renaissance.