A tool for every cut

Caleyron is the specialist who manufactures the tools that operate the meeting between these two issues. For more than 70 years, this family-run French company has been serving industrialists to provide them with personalized tools of proven reliability, resistance and adaptability all over the world. The watchwords of this manufacturer of precision tools for the industry are the quality, controlled at each step of the manufacturing process, but also a technological watch which allows him to have permanently all the technical advances, especially those brought by digitization for flawless precision. This experience and this permanent requirement have made and still make Caleyron'teams of tooling experts the major asset of the manufacturer who entrusts them with his project.

A circular saw blade for each project

Caleyron Industries, with its diversified experiences in the entire field of cutting in the industry, is able to offer each customer the circular saw blade specially adapted to his needs. From the tungsten carbide circular saw blades, tungsten-tipped saw blades or those intended for high-precision work, the tools that come out of the Caleyron Industries workshops correspond very exactly to the hardness or on the opposite to the fragility of the material and, at the same time, to the shape and thickness of the workpieces to be cut. To optimize their life, the different circular saws can have a coating or spray adapted to each case to avoid rapid wear by the adhesion of chips or friction. All standard Caleyron Industries circular saws are made of HSS-M2 and HSS-E high speed steel in strict compliance with DIN 1837 and DIN 1838, with blade diameters from 20 mm to 600 mm and thicknesses of 0, 2 to 6 mm. Solid carbide slitting saw with a diameter of 20 mm to a diameter of 300 mm and a thickness of 0.2 to 6 mm is a high-end tool for the cutting of very strong materials and allow tight tolerances and a very clean cut.

A custom circular saw blade

In addition to the wide range of standard cutting tools, at Caleyron Industries the technical teams are able to develop any special circular saw blade. Not only the industrialist facing a particular need can entrust them with his cutting plansto be offered the most suitable solution, but the answer will be very fast because Caleyron Industries has very important stocks of raw material. This raw material is also very strictly controlled and comes only from historic manufacturers whose reliability and quality products are foolproof, which is the guarantee for a permanent quality of the tools manufactured. The industrial's problem of cutting then becomes the problem of Caleyron Industries who has all the cards in hand to solve it better and faster.