If you are looking for something to do during the holidays, quit looking for usual play areas where all your family can try to leave all the problems of daily life behind but then get bored quickly.

A family cruise is a better idea on many levels, discovering together beautiful landscapes and new cultures, relaxing on stunning beaches, enjoying the shining sun in exotic locations, every part of the travel means happiness. However, to make a cruise trip perfect, some pitfalls are to be avoided. Here are 9 of them.  

Avoid Trade Talks

Most of cruise ships, especially those that sail in the Caribbean, hold this type of meeting to urge and promote purchases during stopovers. The organizers of these so-called seminars will entice you by promising some nice gifts.

You will catch on later that you can get the gifts anyway, even without wasting your time attending that seemingly endless meeting, during which they advised you to buy discount coupons for jewelry or gifts bought on shore. Very often, the shops which provide these coupons will try to sell you other more things and they have a talent for putting you in an uncomfortable position if you resist.  

Avoid the Buffet

The meals on the boat’s main restaurant are always better than those of the buffet, and you will not have to contend with huge lineups to get it. If you want a royal treatment, always prefer the restaurant over the buffet, except from some occasional on-board snacks.

In the restaurant, you will be served by professional and always be able to order a lobster, a filet mignon or crabmeat without worrying that other passengers may have finished them all.  

Avoid the casino

Even if you have the play spirit and are the luckiest person in the world, never get tempted by casinos on cruise ships or you will certainly get fleeced. Opinions about the matter on dedicated forums will confirm this so be strong and careful.  

Avoid the Overcrowded Swimming Pools

The pools are the most frequented places in a cruise boat, especially in the summertime. It says much about the hygiene conditions and the tranquility. Fortunately, several options are available to get around this problem: reserve on a steady cruise boat that has several pools to get an additional opportunity to spend times in a swimming pool without feeling to be in the metro during rush hours, or take a small bath when everyone dines.

You can also catch up during the stopovers where you can enjoy some quiet and beautiful beaches. If you opt for a yacht charter Cannes Lions, for example, you won’t be disappointed by the beauty and cleanliness of the French sea.  

Avoid Internal Cabins

If you are firmly resolved to economize and plan to do nothing else but sleeping in your cabins, then interior ones can be fine. But, while cruising, there is nothing like waking up in the morning with lovely views and having a few more square meters in area during the trip makes an important difference in terms of comfort. No need to get out of the cabins to see the weather and enjoy the scenery.  

Leave your Cell Phones at Home

Cell phones can be used on board cruise ships and chartered yachts but it is very expensive (about 5$ per minute). You will always be able to make free calls in some ports. So live fully your cruise trip, take all the pictures you want, vocal messages can wait.

If you really want to take your phone with you, maybe for other reasons than calls, always check all rates with your network provider and furthermore deactivate the geolocation of your device’s data. Otherwise, you may spend up to 15$ per megabyte, without your knowledge. Free wireless is generally available on cruise boats.  

Do not Buy Bottled Drinking Water on board

Bottled mineral on a cruise ship can cost 4$ per bottle. You can be a very big fan of bottled water and refuse to drink tap water but know that on a cruise ship or a yacht, it is clean and drinkable.

The high-technology water filtration systems provide them drinking tap water. Otherwise, most of cruise companies allow their passengers to bring their own stock of bottled mineral water on the day of boarding.  

Do not Bring Food on the Cruise Ship

It is common knowledge that nobody will ever starve during a full pension cruise. You can satisfy your appetite at any time of the day with the most mouth watering meals. So it is not the time to go on a diet unless you want to fail. And there is no need to pack your own food before the trip, or to eat outside the ship during the stops.  

Avoid Long Queues for Rowboats, when your Vessel is Anchored

If your cruise ship can’t berth at the quay because of its large size, it has to be anchored. It means that the passengers need to take a rowboat to reach the quay. Thus, forget about lie-ins and go to the rowboats service as soon as possible, before long queues take place and prevent you from enjoying your stopovers.